Big Data

Generate.. Manage.. Analyze..

Making large amounts of data digestible and usable for micro-targeting and competitive differentiation. Sciera's capacity to collect, manage and analyze Big data in an unprecedented scale enables companies implement winning strategic and tactical marketing actions.

Big Data

By definition, they are large and growing. Conventional business intelligence, data handling applications cannot keep up with the size. Useful data is not just restricted to within the corporate warehouse but can be found outside, on the web, on Facebook, on Twitter etc. It takes special expertise to mash data from different sources to bring out the value of Big Data.

Why Bother

Scalable Competitive Advantage. Winning Market Action. Discovering Needs. Micro-Targeting.
To compete in today's attention deficit and fast paced world, companies need to provide the customer what she wants before she realizes she wants it.

Leveraging Big Data

Using distributed cloud computing, with people and process built to handle Big Data, Sciera is uniquely positioned to help companies answer questions that in the past were beyond their reach. Sciera is able to transform Big data into information that reveals insights for strategic and tactical needs.